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UpNorth Top Shelf Up North Wedding Mints (I)

Wedding Mints are an Indica leaning cross of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. A blissful union of high-end genetics, the strain delivers a delicious smoke that’s packed with mood-altering terpenes. The flavor, inherited from its award-winning parents, is sweet, doughy, and loaded with hints of vanilla. Aromatic and rich, the smell expresses an earthy, sweet, and minty nose. A chunky, dense, and frosty flower, the perfectly cured buds flash a nice mix of purple and green calyxes and have uplifting and relaxing effects.-

Flavors: Earthy, Sweet, Minty

Lineage: Wedding Cake x Kush Mints

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Fig Farm Top Shelf Fig Farms Doppelganger (H)

Grown by: Fig Farms

Purple Fig F2 (Tenderloin Pheno)



Many years ago, during a Purple Fig F2 pheno hunt, we found a flower with undeniable stale urine terps. The phenotype’s raw sewage inspired profile was strong enough to induce gagging when smoking it. We wanted to release the flower to the public, but we lost the cut in the mom room due to a mislabel. We’ve since been searching for a phenotype of Purple Fig F2 with the same terpene profile. We recently found a phenotype so similar that we were sure it was the same… But then in the final two weeks of flower, our impersonator flower showed us its true form and developed a tropical complexity to go with the terpenes of its missing sister. We named the new Purple Fig F2 phenotype Doppelgänger… same same but different.

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Aeriz Connoisseur Shelf Aeriz Jungle Lava (H)

The photoperiod hybrid has an indica content of 75% and a tremendously high THC content, with which it drives away even the last bit of stress from your body and mind. This extremely potent weed was created by crossing the strains Lava Cake and Jungle Cake.

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Fig Farm Top Shelf Fig Farms Animal Face (I)

Animal Face Strain is an indica leaning hybrid cross of Face Off OG and Animal Mints. These strains pair up to deliver a nose of sweet herbs and gas, with a minty diesel exhale. This strain may deliver potent and inspiring cerebral effects along with a soothing body buzz.

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93 Boyz Premium 93 Boyz Shelf The Lotto (H)

Portions of every puff donated back to the community.

93 Boyz is Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis brand and the first to pair top-shelf genetics with a core mission focused on giving back to the community.

The brand was founded by Chicago-born musician and activist Vic Mensa with a vision of lifting up the neighborhoods around him while lifting spirits across the state. That vision- paired with the heaviest, headiest gas available anywhere- is what fuels 93 Boyz today.

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Aeriz Connoisseur Shelf Aeriz Potus Berriez (H)

AKA OBAMA Runtz A dazzling blend of thick orange pistils set in a green-and-purple weave immediately catches the eye when first encountering this indica-leaning strain. Enjoy a smooth, easy smoke graced by sweet notes of lavender and pine that provides classic indica-associated effects without too much heaviness or mental fog.

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